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MassachusettsWomen.org connects all Women and all Women’s Organizations in Massachusetts, to exchange, inspire , educate and to help make life a little easier for all of us and to all those around us, by using our collective wisdom and natural instincts in being the protectress of humanity.

From the Greek goddess Athena who used her spear, wisdom and ferocity to protect and guard Athens (which the city Athens is named in her honor), to today’s women who use their pen,computer and wisdom in continuing to be the protectress of humanity while making life a better place for themselves and to all those around them.

Real Massachusetts Women , facing Real obstacles and tough , tough choices in life , family and business and how these women used their ferocity and natural instinct to come up with dynamic life changing solutions in solving whatever comes their way.

It is these women that once a year an event will be held in their honor.

MassachusettsWomen.org provides news, networking ,a directory of Massachusetts Women’s organizations, educational opportunities, Real stories about Real Massachusetts women, a fund to help women in need and women starting their own businesses and more.

MassachusettsWomen.org is the organization for all women and all Women’s organizations in Massachusetts.

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